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  • Curriculum

    Opening Class Retreat - February 13-14, 2020: Designed to learn about Natchitoches Parish and current issues, learn about the personalities of the people in your class, and set expectations for the year and thereafter.

    Natchitoches History, Culture & Tourism - March 12-13, 2020: Fall in love with your community and learn why so many people love visiting. See Natchitoches from an outsider's perspective. You live, work, and play here, and sometimes it is easy to take things for granted.

    Natural Resources - April 23-24, 2020: Explore the parish and learn first-hand what makes Natchitoches unique, from timber and waterways to carbon mining and crawfish.

    Business and Industry - May 14-15, 2020: Familiarize yourself with the major employers, exporters, and tax contributors that have chosen Natchitoches Parish as their home.

    Education and Workforce - June 25-26, 2020: Learn about the education system in Natchitoches Parish from birth to workforce, inherent challenges, broken systems, and exciting potential.

    Healthcare and Public Safety - July 16-17, 2020: Learn the most challenging aspects of public safety and healthcare in our community: drug-related crime, fire and poverty, obesity, nutrition, etc.

    Government and Governance - August 20-21, 2020: Get a crash course on governmental affairs across Natchitoches Parish. Learn about some of the challenges of living and working in an over 300-year-old community. Learn about short-term and long-term city planning, logistics, etc.

    Closing Retreat - September 17-18: This is where we put it all together: what's next, how this class will work together after graduation, future projects, etc.