• Education Projects

  • Why STEM?

    For Natchitoches Parish, which straddles the Central Louisiana and Northwest Louisiana territories, manufacturing represents about 15% of employment--and the highest wages in our area.
    Additionally, skilled workers in STEM areas will have their pick of jobs that are growing twice as fast as non-STEM jobs over the next few years--both nationally, and in Louisiana.  In Louisiana, the vast majority of the $60-$80B (yes, with a "B") in investments planned for the state require skilled workers--to build and to operate.

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  • Education Projects of the Chamber

    The Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce has recognized the importance of education to long-term economic vitality.  Not only has the leadership recognized this important correlation, it has poured energy into finding and leading positive change for Natchitoches Parish children.

    Some of our projects include: