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  • EMS Clerical Dispatch - Full Time

    Posted: 11/02/2021

    Position Summary
    The EMS Clerical/Dispatch position duties will include answering phones and 911 calls and dispatching the appropriate EMS unit to the incident. The Clerical/Dispatcher will be resourceful and develop a day to day logistical plan to ensure that all calls are handled in a consistent and expeditious manner. This position will also include supply ordering, record keeping, and scheduling assistance and station details. The EMS Clerical/Dispatch will also due additional duties as assigned by the EMS Manager or Supervisor, which may include manning an ambulance with the manager as a last resort unit in case of call volume overflow. This position must be filled with an EMT.
      • High school diploma or GED required.  Must hold certification from
      • National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and the
      • State of Louisiana at the EMT - Basic level.
      • Required: CPR,.
      • Must possess valid Class D driver’s license. 
      • Two years of experience as EMT preferred. 
      • Must be at least age 23 (this is a requirement of our insurance carrier) with a clean DMV record.  Prefer age 25 with a clean DMV record.