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  • Grant Coordinator

    Posted: 10/04/2020

    Job Opening: Grant Coordinator at Ben D. Johnson Educational Center

    JOB TITLE: Grant Coordinator 

    POSITION: This is a full- time hourly position 

    LOCATION: Ben D. Johnson Educational Center, 400 MLK Drive, Natchitoches, Louisiana

    REPORTS TO: Executive Director

    BENEFITS: Paid Time Off and Staff Meals 


    Founded to honor the late Mr. Johnson, the Ben D. Johnson Educational Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit located in west Natchitoches. Currently the center offers the Legacy Youth Workforce Development Program, Legacy Café, and Ben D. Johnson Garden. 


    We are looking for a committed Grant Coordinator who believes in our organization’s mission and values. This position will act as a liaison between the Ben D. Johnson Organization and major funders, contributing to the success of the organization. The Grant Coordinator will communicate information across all levels of the organization to keep employees informed about all grant activities. He/she will work directly with the Executive Director and Board of Directors to implement proposed activities, allocate resources, and acquire supplies required for specific needs.


    Bachelor’s degree with experience in project management
    Strong command over written and verbal communication
    Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills
    Good understanding of the organization’s overall mission and goals
    Ability to work within a team
    Experience with basic financial management skills including developing and monitoring budgets and financial reporting
    A multi-tasker with strong ability to work under pressure
    Ability to prioritize work, meet deadlines and produce quality results on time with attention to detail.
    Proficient in using computers with related knowledge of software programs and Internet
    Excellent coordination and time management skills 
    Excellent analytical skills; able to quickly grasp and effectively communicate concepts 
    Detail-oriented and results-driven
    Self-starter; takes initiative 


    Oversee and execute grant proposals, progress reports and related projects
    Communicate and collaborate with organization staff, partner organizations, and the Board of Directors
    Manage and support grant requirements and implementation for the organization to ensure grant activities and deadlines are being met
    Oversee grant implementation according to grant agreement
    Keep the relevant staff and grantees informed about upcoming deadlines and deliverables, thereby ensuring smooth completion of work responsibilities
    Provide detailed reports to funders and the Executive Director with respect to the organization’s progress on grants
    Maintain records of all payments and receivables and prepare monthly records for all grant related activities
    Provide training to the new staff on grants management and reporting requirements
    Serve as a liaison between the BDJ Center, grantees, and grant funders
    Develop effective grant reports
    Monitor paperwork and other related documents connected with grant-funded programs
    Ensure that the funds are utilized in a proper way as planned
    Create and manage standardized templates related to information gathering, donor reporting
    Develop and maintain partnerships
    Engage in continuous monitoring of grant progress. 
    Monitor and support grantees and provide technical assistance
    Conduct site-visits
    Recruit VISTA members


    Moderate physical activity required
    Capable of independent local travel
    Perform general physical activities that require considerable use of arms, legs and moving your whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials; Able to bend, lean, reach and stoop without hindrance; Possesses fine motor skills and the ability to stand or walk for extended periods
    Ability to work in an environment where exposure to unusual elements such as extreme temperatures, fumes, dirt, smoke, loud noise, and a variety of odors is common
    Intermittent exposure to stressful situations as a result of human behavior.

    Contact: Send resumes to csprymus2@gmail.com or call 318-4607460.

    The Ben D. Johnson Educational Center, Inc. is committed to providing equal employment opportunity to qualified persons without regard to race, sex, color, religion, national origin, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, military, veteran status or any other protected status or classification under federal, state or local law.