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  • Fast Pace Health Urgent Care 's Occupational Health Team Offering On-Site Flu Vaccination Day


    It's flu season and in #2020, our Occupational Health team is preparing to help your team with influenza needs.
    Conducting an occupational health on-site influenza (flu) vaccination program with Fast Pace Health is easy. Your organization and community as a whole can utilize our clinic for this flu season or speak directly to our occupational health service team about potential opportunities for a scheduled one-day on-site flu vaccination day (dependent on clinic staffing).
    These flu vaccinations incur no additional fees and shots are $35 and $75 (65 years and up). Billing and insurance plans can be directly discussed with our occupational health service team today.
    Vaccines will be administered by immunization‐trained Fast Pace Health providers. On-site flu vaccination day length is determined by the rate of 12 immunizations per hour, per provider. The Fast Pace Health providers will be equipped with N95 masks on-site during the visit and will come prepared with needed quantities for administering vaccines to all scheduled employees.
    Questions about scheduling an on-site flu vaccination day or opportunities for occupational health services at our clinic(s)? Contact us today at OccHealth@fastpacehealth.com.
    What will Fast Pace Health Providers bring to an on-site flu vaccination day?
    Fast Pace providers will bring vaccines and other materials necessary for administering vaccines according to immunization protocol. Providers will also be equipped with N95 masks.
    Needed items are a private room or area, table, and chairs.
    Fast Pace Health requests to be notified if an outbreak related to influenza (flu) or other illness occur at your facility.
    What do I need to do to schedule for an on-site flu vaccination day?
    Please reach out to the Fast Pace Occupational Health service team to discuss the set-up of an on-site flu vaccination day and they will assist with answering additional questions and details.
    If available in your area, Fast Pace Health will begin arrangements to staff your one-day flu vaccination day. Additional details will be provided from our occupational health team.
    Should any employee miss the opportunity to obtain a flu shot on the scheduled date of the one-day flu vaccination day, they may obtain a shot at our local clinic at a later date as part of your occupational health services.
    What about insurance coverage?
    Fast Pace Health accepts most major insurance plans. Patients are urged to contact their health plan to learn if the influenza (flu) vaccination will be covered at Fast Pace Health. In many instances this service is fully covered.
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