• Nominations

  • School Board Candidates Answer Chamber Questionnaire

    Each candidate running for School Board received a letter from the Chamber (click here to read) with questions provided by Chamber membership.  Please take time to read the responses provided by ALL candidates, not just those running in your district.

    District One:
    Kenneth W. Babers II
    George Rhymes

    District Two:
    Harry Douglas Graham
    Bernard "B.J." Johnson

    District Three:
    Carl "Doug" Sias
    Ralph Wilson

    District Four:
    Michael "Mike" Hilton

    District Five:
    Ruby Braxton
    Joella "June" Wilson

    District Six:
    Gary Brown
    Thomas "Tommy" Melder
    District Seven:

    Mary Bonier
    Eugean Garner
    District Eight:

    Steve "Steven" Harris
    Carl Means

    District Nine: 
    Carroll E. Daniels

    District Ten:
    "Russ" Danzy
    Rodney Irchirl
    Derek Toro

    District Eleven:
    Donna Masson
    Emile E. Metoyer