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  • Dayshift Live Hanger

    Posted: 06/10/2024

    Job Description





    LivehangerThe Live Hanger is responsible for firmly inserting both feet of the chicken into moving shackles. No Dead Birds are to be hung on the kill line. The birds will be stunned, killed, scalded, and picked clean. The feet and heads will be removed prior to entering the evisceration room.

    • Partner will place a live bird into the every 6th shackle with both feet inserted firmly.
    • The 6th hanger will catch and rehang any birds that have been hung by only one leg while hanging their own shackle.
    • The 1st hanger is responsible for moving the belt forward to bring in birds.
    • Other duties as assigned

    Boom Person:  The Boom Person is responsible for making sure that all cages are secured properly. Cages are to be cleaned throughout the summer only.

    • This partner will boom and un-boom all cages and secure them so they do not work loose while in transit.
    • During the summer months the boom person will wash out empty cages and spray off the empty trailers
    • Other duties as assigned

    Cage Transfer Dumper Operator: The Cage Transfer Dumper Operator is responsible for effectively dumping the proper amount of birds onto the belt in such a manner as to not pile the birds up. This could smother the birds. This partner must keep a steady flow of birds on the belt and not let the belts run empty.

    • To bring in a full cage of birds by a hydraulic lever
    • To dump the birds onto the bolts in a well balanced manner so the live hangers for not run out of birds to hang and so the cages are not over dumped.
    • To transfer the empty cages to be washed and reloaded onto the trailer.
    • Other duties as assigned

    Floor/ Relief Person: The floor/relief person is responsible for keeping all dead birds off of the floor around the area of operation and keeping the live hang department presentable and clean. This partner also serves as a substitute to ensure all live hangers receive their breaks.

    • Keeps all dead birds off of the floor, and places them into the dead bird barrel
    • Keep all live birds off of the floor, sprays down the floor, and keeps the area of operation clean.
    • Partner relieves all dumper operators and hangers
    • Other duties as required.

    Kill Person: The kill person is responsible for cutting the throat of any bird missed by the kill machine.

    • Partner will cut the throat of any bird missed by the kill machine.
    • Other duties as assigned

    Loader operator:  The loader operator is responsible for keeping full cages of live birds on the dumper system and loading empty onto the proper trailer.

    • To keep full cages of birds on the dumper system so9 the dumper does not run out of birds to process.
    • To retrieved and reloaded empty cages onto the trailer
    • To run pre-inspection of loaders prior to shift start up, to report any deficiencies to the supervisor, and to write inspections onto the log sheet for the garage.

    Picking Room Attendant: The pickling room attendant is responsible for providing the First Processing Eviscerations Department with a proper, clean bird. A proper, clean bird is one without feathers, head and feet. This partner will perform general labor duties within the First Processing Operations.

    • Adjust pickers to meet quality expectations.
    • Adjust head pullers and other equipment in the picking room to meet quality expectations.
    • Monitor feet productions so quality standards and yield goals are met.
    • Monitor scalder temperatures and adjust accordly.
    • Write up work orders for maintenance and perform maintenance duties as required.
    • Ensure safe work area and suggest preventative measures.
    • Provide input for changes in fingers, equipment, process, etc… in the picking room. Consideration of input will be given by the supervisor and superintendent on both day and night shift to improve operations.
    • Keep area clean by picking up birds from the floor and placing them into the proper container.
    • Other duties as assigned.

    Yard Jockey: This person keeps all trailers in the proper rotation and keeps birds in the shed so the department does not run out of chicken.

    • Keeps trailers in proper rotation for slaughter.
    • Keeps live trailers full of birds in unload area of operation
    • Backs empty trailers into the shed.
    • Assists boom down when there is time.
    • Pre-inspects yard truck.