• Title

  • Certified Nursing Assistant - Courtyard - Full Time

    Posted: 07/10/2024


    Position Summary

    Provides direct and indirect resident care activities under the direction of an RN or LPN. Assists residents with activities of daily living, provides for personal care, comfort and assists in the maintenance of a safe and clean environment for an assigned group or residents. Ability to interact with all customers (co-workers, patients, families, physicians, vendors, etc.) of Courtyard with hospitality and the highest standards of customer service, exhibiting professionalism and a spirit of teamwork. Each associate should have an understanding that he or she represents Courtyard and should act accordingly and in a manner that demonstrates respect and pride for this organization.

    Primary Responsibilities

    Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the primary responsibilities.

    1. Assists in the preparation for admission of residents.
    2. Assists in and accompanies residents in the admission, transfer and discharge procedures.
    3. Provides morning care, which may include bed bath, shower or whirlpool, oral hygiene, combing hair, back care, dressing residents, changing bed linen, cleaning over bed table and bedside stand, straightening room and other general care as necessary throughout the day.
    4. Provides evening care which includes hands/face washing as needed, oral hygiene, back rubs, peri-care, freshening linen, cleaning over bed tables, straightening room and other general care as needed.
    5. Assists RN in treatment procedures.
    6. Provides general aide care such as positioning residents, lifting and turning residents, applying/utilizing special equipment, assisting in use of bedpan or commode and ambulating the residents.
    7. Takes and records temperature, pulse, respiration, weight, blood pressure and intake/output.
    8. Adheres to policies and procedures of the facility.
    9. Participates in socialization activities on the unit.
    10. Turns and positions residents as ordered and/or as needed, making sure no rough surfaces are in direct contact with the body. Lifts and turns with proper and safe body mechanics and with available resources.
    11. Checks for reddened areas or skin breakdown and reports to RN or LPN.
    12. Ensures residents are dressed properly and assists, as necessary. Ensures that used clothing is properly stored in bedside stand or on hangers in closet. Ensures that all residents are clean and dry at all times.
    13. Checks unit for adequate linen. Folds neatly and arranges linen in linen closet. Cleans linen cart. Provides clean linen and clothing. Makes beds.
    14. Treats residents and their families with respect and dignity.
    15. Restrains residents properly, when ordered.
    16. Accompanies residents to appointments, as directed.
    17. Provides reality orientation in daily care.
    18. Prepares residents for meals; serves and removes food trays and assists with meals or feeds residents, if necessary.
    19. Distributes drinking water and other nourishments to residents.
    20. Performs general care activities for residents in isolation.
    21. Answers residents’ call lights, anticipates residents’ needs and makes rounds to assigned residents.
    22. Assists residents with handling and care of clothing and other personal property (including dentures, glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids and prosthetic devices)
    23. Transports residents to and from various departments, as requested.
    24. Reports and, when appropriate, records any changes observed in condition or behavior of residents and unusual incidents.
    25. Participates in and contributes to interdisciplinary care conferences.
    26. Must be able to follow directions, both oral and written, and work cooperatively with other staff members.
    27. Must have the ability to acquire knowledge of and develop skills in basic nursing procedures and simple charting.
    28. Establishes and maintains interpersonal relationship with residents, family members and other facility personnel while assuring confidentiality of resident information.
    29. Attends inservice education programs, as assigned, to learn new treatments, procedures, developmental skills, etc.
    30. Maintains personal health in order to prevent absence from work due to health problems.
    31. Possesses a genuine interest and concern for geriatric and disabled persons.


    1. Ability to read and communicate effectively in English.
    2. Additional languages preferred.
    3. Basic computer knowledge.

    Supervisory Responsibility



    Required Education and Experience

    1. High School graduate or equivalent.
    2. Current Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification in the State of Louisiana for Long Term Care Facilities.
    3. Current Basic Cardiac Life Support certification within three (3) months of hire date.