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  • EMT - Basic

    Posted: 02/08/2024

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    Location: Natchitoches Regional Medical Center


    Position Summary

    The Emergency Medical Technician – Basic administers temporary care to patients until such care is turned over to the personnel of a medical facility. Such care may be the result of a 911 call, or it may be in the course of transporting a patient from one medical facility to another medical facility. The EMT – Basic also performs equipment maintenance, restocks supplies, performs clinical record keeping and non-clinical record keeping, and performs other duties as assigned by manager. 


    Primary Responsibilities

    Emergency Medical Response (50%)

    Answers 911 calls and other calls, collects appropriate information from caller, obtains call back number, proceeds to indicated location,

    assesses safety of scene for potential hazards (i.e. downed power lines, fires, hazardous materials, volatile situations), assesses patient condition, takes vital signs, questions patient, records patient history, observes patient to identify any life threatening conditions, provides appropriate basic care patient care via direct medical control or standing orders, delivers appropriate patient transport to ambulance, continues appropriate patient care en route to medical facility, relays patient information to medical facility.

    B. Equipment Maintenance (20%)

    Restocks supplies, refuels units, washes units, checks vehicle fluid levels, adds fluids to vehicles if needed, checks IV pumps and suction devices for proper function, removes trash and linens from units, notifies supervisor of any discrepancies (equipment problems or failures, or potential dangers), notifies supervisor of maintenance related issues, cleans ambulance, station, and grounds.

     C. Transfer of Patient Care to Receiving Facility (5%)

    Communicates to receiving medical facility pertinent patient history, physical information, treatment information, and information concerning any interventions. 

      D. Record Keeping  (5%)

    · Clinical record keeping: records patient information, condition, and treatment utilizing appropriate forms and Medicare forms.

    · Non-clinical record keeping: enters information into Run Log Book,

    Finger Stick Blood Sugar (FSBS) Q. C. Log Book, and

    Equipment Maintenance Log. 

    E. Miscellaneous Duties  (20%)

    Perform miscellaneous duties as deemed appropriate, and when assigned by manager. 


    1. Ability to communicate information in writing and verbally in English.

    2. Ability to read fuel gauges, other gauges, and fluid level indicators.

    3. Skilled and safe emergency driving.

    4. Knowledge of geographic area.

    5. Ability to read maps.

    6. Ability to proficiently use all phones and radios in ambulance service.

    7. Ability to administer all skills taught in EMT – Basic training and certification.

    8. Ability to use appropriate discretion in handling confidential information and materials.

    9. Knowledge in operation of small hand tools.

    10. Ability to interact with all customers (co-workers, patients, families, physicians, vendors, etc.) Of NRMC with hospitality and the highest standards of customer service, exhibiting professionalism and a spirit of teamwork. Each associate should have an understanding that he or she represents NRMC and should act accordingly and in a manner that demonstrates respect and pride for this organization.

    Supervisory Responsibility


    Required Education and Experience

    1. High school diploma or GED required. Must hold certification from

    2. National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and the

    3. State of Louisiana at the EMT – Basic level.

    4. Required: CPR, ACLS, PALS certification. NRP preferred.

    5. Must possess valid Class D driver’s license. 

    6. Two years of experience as EMT preferred. 

    7. Must be at least age 23 (this is a requirement of our insurance carrier) with a clean DMV record. Prefer age 25 with a clean DMV record. 

    Working Conditions

    a. Physical Demands

    i. Requires vision of 20/40 or better, with or without corrective lens.

    ii. Requires good hearing.

    iii. Requires bending over for long periods of time, as well as stretching and reaching.

    iv. Requires the ability to push or pull stretchers with patients up to 500 lbs. with assistance up or down flights of stairs or on uneven terrain.

    v. Often requires working long hours, resulting in extended periods of sleep deprivation and unpredictable meal schedules. 

    vi. Requires performance of duties in highly stressful situations. 

    1. Physical requirements of this position are as determined by the WorkSteps® program. Successful completion of WorkSteps® evaluation (as well as drug screen and physical) is required for employment in this position at NPH. Assessments include: transfers to/from stretcher and wheelchair; carry 40 lbs. for 100 feet; and 50 lbs. at a 15 degree incline.

    b. Environment

    i. Much of the work for this position is performed outside in adverse weather conditions.

    c. Hazards

    i. Unpredictable driving and traffic hazards and conditions and possibility of motor vehicle accidents.

    ii. Possibility of assault, including with knives and guns.

    iii. Possibility of needle sticks and exposure to chemicals, body fluids, blood borne pathogens, and communicable diseases from either airborne or contact transmission, making it necessary that appropriate Personal Protective Equipment be worn, including gloves, masks, gowns, goggles, ventilation devices, etc., as supplied by service and appropriate for task.

    iv. Possibility of falls and lifting injuries.

    v. Possibility of injury from broken glass and fires.  

    vi. Moving patients by stretcher or carrying the stretcher on uneven terrain.