• Title

  • Surgical Technician

    Posted: 07/10/2024


    Position Summary

    Assists surgeon/physician during operative and invasive or endoscopic procedures. Ensures Operating Room or Endoscopy Suite is adequately prepared for procedure. Monitor PAR level of all surgical instruments and supplies. Cleans and sterilizes all surgical/endoscopic instruments. Participates in departmental staff meetings and performance improvement activities.

    Primary Responsibilities

    Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the primary responsibilities.

    1. Interacts professionally with patient and family.

    2. Provides patient with explanations and verbal reassurance, as necessary.

    3. Adapts procedures to meet individual needs of neonate, pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients for treatment.

    4. Prepares OR or Endoscopy room in a timely manner with all anticipated instruments, sutures, supplies, and equipment for each individual surgical/endoscopic procedure.

    5. Demonstrates competence in care of specimens and accurately handles specimens at all times.

    6. Assists in positioning, prepping, and draping of patients for surgical/endoscopic procedures.

    7. Accurately completes operating room counts (instruments, sponges, needles); follows proper procedure in the event of incorrect count; reports all discrepancies to Circulating Nurse and physician and/or corrects immediately.

    8. Carries out medical/surgical asepsis during treatments/procedures.

    9. Maintains safe environment for patient, co-workers, and self per hospital policies and procedures.

    10. Checks all equipment/instruments needed prior to each procedure to ensure proper functioning and notifies Manager of any malfunctioning equipment.

    11. Cleans and performs routine maintenance of surgical/endoscopic equipment as necessary.

    12. Protects patient’s sensitivities and right to privacy; closely observes patient with minimal disturbance.

    13. Follows aseptic technique when opening sterile supplies and setting up procedures.

    14. Sets up, scrubs, and prepares for procedures at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled time unless otherwise directed by Circulating Nurse or Nurse Manager.

    15. Performs services requiring technical or manual skills under the direction of Circulating RN or Physician.

    16. Always maintains an orderly and sterile instrument table/work area for the purpose of efficiency throughout procedure; follows department standard set up.

    17. Assists and anticipates needs of physician during surgical/endoscopic procedure.

    18. Cleans and prepares rooms between procedures and after last case; restocks supplies when necessary and organizes effectively for end-of-case clean up.

    19. Is fully responsible for care of instruments/equipment during intra/postoperative phase, including cleaning and processing of instruments.

    20. Follows written procedures for steam sterilization; knows responsibilities and the necessity for chemical and biological monitoring.

    21. Consults with other staff members when in question or unfamiliar with equipment or procedure.

    22. Regularly collaborates with other members of the nursing team in order to maintain equipment and supplies for surgical procedures.

    23. Completes documentation within shift and meets current standards, policies, and procedures.

    24. Establishes and maintains effective communication and good working relationship with co-workers for the patient’s benefit

    25. Is able to accept supervision and benefit from constructive criticism.

    26. Makes decisions reflecting knowledge of facts and good judgment within the Operating Room or Endoscopy Suite within the technician’s scope of practice.

    27. Makes decisions reflecting knowledge of assigned case and instruments and/or trays to be pulled for the procedure.

    28. Is responsible for complete and thorough performance of assigned tasks.

    29. Follows established rules, regulations and policies.

    30. Demonstrates an awareness of safe conditions and safe acts as related to hospital employment.

    31. Demonstrates economic use of equipment and supplies.

    32. Exhibits cooperation, self-control and courtesy in relating to co- workers and job related contacts.

    33. Complies with attendance requirements.

    34. Demonstrates respect for authority, discusses problems and follows chain of command.

    35. Maintains confidentiality of all pertinent patient care information to assure patient’s rights are protected.

    36. Demonstrates commitment to excellence in guest relations.

    37. Participates in other activities and duties as assigned.

    38. Initiate appropriate intraoperative behaviors unique to first assisting.

    39. Provide exposure of the operative site by the appropriate use of retractors, by placing and moving the retractors when necessary, with awareness to anatomical structures. Exposure is also provided by the appropriate use of other instruments, suctioning and sponging.

    40. Using surgical instruments skillfully in ways consistent with their design and purpose as directed by the surgeon.

    41. Handle all variety of tissue appropriately to reduce potential for injury or compromised blood supply.

    42. Suture skillfully all with appropriate suture materials and suturing techniques. Assists in closure of wound or independently closes wound under the direction of the surgeon.

    43. Practices within the limitations of preparation and experience.

    44. Understands the legal aspects of the job function.


    1. Basic computer knowledge.
    2. Ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing.
    3. Ability to use appropriate discretion in handling confidential material and information.
    4. Knowledge of Endoscopic/Surgical Equipment.
    5. Knowledge of the principles of Infection Control and Sterilization processes.
    6. Ability to interact with all customers (co-workers, patients, families, physicians, vendors, etc.) of NRMC with hospitality and the highest standards of customer service, exhibiting professionalism and a spirit of teamwork. Each associate should have an understanding that he or she represents NRMC and should acT accordingly and in a manner that demonstrates respect and pride for this organization.

    Supervisory Responsibility



    Required Education and Experience

    1. Minimum High School diploma or equivalent.
    2. Current BLS Certification
    3. Current CST certification

    Preferred Education and Experience

    1. Graduated from an approved Surgical Technology Program
    2. Endoscopic experience preferred for Endoscopy Technician.