• Title

  • Grants and Project Specialist (Hybrid Position)

    Posted: 02/08/2024

    Job Type: Full-time
    Location: Natchitoches Regional Medical Center


    This position is listed as a hybrid position as you will work on campus and remotely.

    Position Summary

    The Grants & Project Specialist (GPS) organizes and implements all of the grant funding phases from beginning to end with the use of a grants management system. The GPS ensures all grant requirements are accomplished and reported on satisfactorily. They create procedures that enable the implementation to stay on track for the duration of the grant period – pre-award, award, and post-award stages. The GPS will help organize, manage, and plan complex grant funded projects for the organization.

    Primary Responsibilities

    1. Create plans for securing new grants.
    2. Produce excellent, compelling and convincing applications, proposals, and reports for grants.
    3. Fulfill all application, renewal and reporting requirements.
    4. Assure compliance with regulations, adhere to grantor requirements, communicate with the grantor, and assess the success of allocated programs and projects.
    5. Define the funded project governance and structured project management.
    6. Acts as the projects Project Management Officer as needed.
    7. Creating and developing standards and templates.
    8. Compile pertinent data on the status and outcomes of the grant for reporting to stakeholders.
    9. Coordinating the project and ensuring efficient communication with stakeholders.
    10. Managing the quality review process.
    11. Supporting the creation and maintenance of project plans.
    12. Creating and updating a repository of proper project documentation.
    13. Help conduct cost analysis, estimating expected costs for the grant project.
    14. Helps prepare and implement a budget based on estimates.
    15. Helps conduct risk assessments; reports identified risks to management; provides recommendations for mitigation of risk (including termination of the project if appropriate).
    16. Addresses questions, concerns, and/or complaints throughout the project.
    17. Helps to develop/maintain professional community partnerships.
    18. Communicates and collaborates with assigned PMOs to provide training and information required to promote and sell new projects, programs, and systems.
    19. Ensures compliance with federal, state, local, industry, contractual, and company regulations, standards, specifications, and best practices.
    20. Assist with other non-grant related projects as assigned.
    21. Performs other related duties as assigned.


    1. Outstanding Project Management Abilities
    2. Excellent Communication & Writing Skill
    3. Interpersonal Skills
    4. Problem Solving/Analysis
    5. Leadership & Teamwork
    6. Relevant software and computer expertise
    7. Multi-tasking capabilities with stress tolerance
    8. Prudent Decision Making
    9. Critical thinking and problem solving
    10. Budgeting & Financial Management

    Supervisory Responsibility



    Required Education and Experience

    1. Bachelor’s degree in related field, which may include Computer Science, Business, or Engineering, required.

    Preferred Education and Experience

    1. Project Management Certification preferred.
    2. Experience with government and privately funded grants is preferred.
    3. Experience with managing process improvement initiatives a plus