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  • Cane River Cemetery Preservation Workshops set for October

    Natchitoches, LA
    – Cane River National Heritage Area (CRNHA) and the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) will host a two-part workshop series focusing on cemetery care and restoration in October. The Cane River Cemetery Preservation Workshops are intended to help local churches and cemetery groups understand the methods and practices of preserving the resting place of our ancestors. For many, these sites are of value for reasons from the historical understanding of our forbearers and the intersection of societal groupings to the objects of art or intangible heritage they contain.

    Session 1: Cleaning Gravestones and Monuments is taking place October 7th from 8:30am – 2:00pm at Morning Star Baptist Church, 170 Main St, Natchez, LA 71456.
    In this first session conservator Jason Church will teach about the importance of cemetery care, documentation, and preservation planning. Church will also teach techniques to clean stone and concrete grave markers. Registration is $10 per person and lunch will be provided.

    Session 2: Resetting and Repairing Grave Markers is taking place October 28th from 8:30am – 12:00pm at Jackson Square Cemetery, located on the corner of North Street and Thomas Street in Natchitoches, LA.
    During this session, Conservator Jason Church will demonstrate techniques to clean, reset, and do simple repairs to stone grave markers. Additionally, he will demonstrate setting a new base for a headstone that has been damaged and discuss the importance of cemetery care and how to conserve cemetery monuments. Participants must attend Session 1 to attend Session 2. Registration is $10 per person and lunch will be provided.

    Registration is available through Eventbrite or Facebook. For questions or more information contact Cane River National Heritage Area at 318-356-5555.

    Congress created the Cane River National Heritage Area in 1994 to recognize and protect the region’s diverse and nationally significant heritage.  Since that time, the Heritage Area team has used a grassroots, community-driven approach to further heritage conservation and economic development in the Natchitoches area.  By cultivating public-private partnerships, the Cane River National Heritage Area has invested more than $5.9 million in funding to support 375 projects in the region in critical areas, including Historic Preservation, Cultural Conservation, Outdoor Recreation & Conservation, Capacity Building, and Heritage Tourism.