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  • NDAA 2023 Contains Major Louisiana Priorities

    WASHINGTON, D.C.--The Fiscal Year 2023 National Defense Authorization Act contains major priorities for Louisiana’s Barksdale Air Force Base and Air Force Global Strike Command; Fort Polk and the Joint Readiness Training Center; and Camp Minden, according to an article from the Bossier Press-Tribune.  
    The legislation, as of June 28, has advanced toward reconciliation with its Senate counterpart.
    “It is my great honor to represent so many courageous military families in Congress,” said Congressman Johnson. “This year’s edition of the National Defense Authorization Act contains important provisions to specifically ensure that the military servicemembers of Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District are in the best position possible to carry out their duties. Committee passage is a crucial first step to getting this bill passed and signed into law, but it is just that—a first step. I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues in a bipartisan manner to get this bill across the finish line.”
    “I am very pleased to see this substantial investment in our state's military installations,” said Louisiana Senator Michael Reese. “The support for these important investments in Barksdale and Fort Polk have been a long term effort by the local community, state leaders and our Congressional delegation to secure the future of these bases. Congressman Johnson has done a great job leading this effort and ensuring that these bases will continue to be both economic engines as well as important national security assets for our state and country.”
    “The 2023 National Defense Authorization Act’s proposed investments in Louisiana military installations would meet two objectives: bolstering our national security and strengthening our economy,” Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Don Pierson said. “The most recent study, completed last year, found that military-related spending in Louisiana creates $9.64 billion in annual economic impact and supports more than 77,000 jobs across the state. LED fully supports the bipartisan efforts of our congressional delegation and military advocacy groups to ensure our service men and women have every available resource to protect America’s freedom.”
    "We’re grateful for the work that Congressman Johnson and all of our representatives are doing in Washington and at the state level to ensure our service members in Louisiana have what they need to fulfill their duties,” said Rick Allen, chairman of the Louisiana Armed Forces Alliance. “We stand ready to support our military installations, service members and their families.” 
    Briefly, the NDAA 2023 currently provides: 
    ·    Barksdale Air Force Base with $125 million for construction of a Weapons Generation Facility (WGF). The funds build upon the $40 million secured last year for this project. 
    Fort Polk Joint Readiness Training Center with:
    ·    $61 million for construction of a new Joint Operations Center (JOC). This $61 million investment builds upon the $55 million secured last year for the project. 
    ·    $32 million for construction of a new Child Development Center (CDC). 
    ·    Air Force B-52 program with $690 million to continue support of the aircraft and give it the capabilities it needs to maintain an edge over our adversaries.
    ·    Long Range Standoff Weapon project with $929 million to keep the new air launched cruise missiles (ALCM) program on track.
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