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    End of Course Results -- Outstanding Students

    End-of-Course exams (as mandated by the State of Louisiana for public schools) measure the students' comprehensive learning in particularly challenging courses.  Many of our local high school students rank "Excellent" or even "Perfect" on these exams.

    Below you will find photos of each student that scored Perfect on their tests, as well as information on their future goals.  As student information comes in, the section below (photos) will grow--please check back!

    These scores influence School and District Performance Scores.  To view the latest scores for Natchitoches parish, click the link below.


    Highest Scorers

    Below are the names of students, by exam, that scored 790 to 799 on their respective tests.  Additionally, the number of students scoring “Excellent” on each test is noted.
    Scores are constantly being added--please check back!


    December 2011
       Stephen Hudson, 798
       Bianca Jones, 798
       David Spillman, 792
       Zykelia Thompson, 792
       Crit Williams, 792
    May 2012
       Taylor Craft, 799
    December 2012
       Hannah Ferguson, 791


    We are very proud of these students--be sure to congratulate them when you see them!